Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun Season

Halloween is a lot of fun—but with great fun comes great liability exposure!

How can you stay safe—and ensure any visiting ghosts and ghouls stay safe too? We’ve got a few Halloween safety ideas.

  • Lighting up the path to your door is a great way to help trick-or-treaters prevent slips, trips, and falls. Just make sure that the lights you choose don’t expose you to any greater risks! Skip the candles or luminaries and opt for LED tea lights or outdoor holiday lights (orange is a great color choice!).
  • Speaking of that path to your door: make sure it’s free of obstructions or hazards before the big night. (Although it’s a good idea to keep it clear all year round!) Repair any loose walkway stones that could trip up visitors, and make sure any Halloween decorations (tombstones, perhaps?) don’t obstruct the pathway.
  • Keep Fido out of harm’s way! Make sure your furry and feathered friends are in a safe location, where they can’t be startled by the stream of trick-or-treaters—and where they won’t be able to startle visitors, either.
  • Planning a Halloween celebration? Be sure you check your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that you have adequate coverage, in case a guest is injured on your property.

Safety Tips for All Year Round

  • This is a great time to test your smoke alarm (even though you’re taking steps to ensure you won’t have to use it).
  • Take this opportunity to clear your yard of debris to keep visitors—and your family—safe from trips and falls, or other injury.
  • Halloween decorations help you enjoy the season, but they can pose an injury risk too: giant spiderwebs can entangle people, real pitchforks or other objects can injure people. Install decorations where they can’t hurt anyone, and don’t use any real pointy or otherwise threatening objects.

Happy Halloween time!

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